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The Comedians Wife
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Friday, July 30, 2010

My Dear Old Friend...Friendly's

I would like to take a moment to pay homage to my dear old friend Friendly's!  I have not been on the East Coast but 24 hours and she's already come a calling.  Her sweet red sign with the big white letters, shine in the moonlight, like a star leading a ship back home, after a very long journey.  She never changes, she never disappoints, she always encourages you to go big, and she always has exactly what you want.

Today I started with a Reese's Pieces Sundae and oh I went BIG.  Huge in fact.  Of course at first I used the excuse, that I would be sharing it with my son.   It was really for him, not for me, I would just have a little scoop off the top, and take the leftover  home. In my heart, I knew that within minutes of the waitress walking away,you would be able to see the table through the  bottom of the glass sundae cup.  But I said it anyway, like a programed robot.  Then something fantastic happened.   I remembered I wasn't in Los Angeles!!!  Sweet Mother of Jesus... I am aloud to eat again.  It's actually encouraged here.

 Like an animal at the zoo, who has been taken away from her natural environment too long, I was confused at first, and then like any good beast, I snapped  right back into my old self and immediately ordered a plate of half onion rings/half french fries, to go with the sundae I was about to devour.

UHHHHHHHHHH.  God that's good. So f-in good.

As I started to shove the food down my throat I realized, "holy shit," there may be people out there, who have actually never been to a Friendly's! I began to feel sad, and think about all the poor bastards who are less fortunate than myself.  I dipped one last french fry in the ketchup, grabbed the menu out of the convenient side table pocket, and ordered another Sundae.  For all my Friendly's Virgins, this ones for you!

Let me tell you a little bit about what you might be missing.   First off you've got your Reese's Pieces Sundae.  It is 5 scoops of  the most tasty vanilla ice cream you've ever tasted. None of this Breyers home churned no sugar added nonsense.  It's full on high fructose syrup at it's best, and it's worth ever year it  is going to take off my life.  Then comes the, peanut butter, marshmallow, hot fudge, Reese's Pieces candy, and wait for it......the most mouth watering whip cream, that makes the cows proud, perfectly crafted into a tornado Esq whip, right on the top of all that deliciousness.  It's a mind blowing master piece, that dessert connoisseurs like myself, will never get tired of.

You have your Jim Dandy for your fruit and walnut lovers, Forbidden Fudge Brownie, Peanut Butter Cup Sundae and of course the delicious Fribble.  Oh the Fribble.  The milk shake of lovers.  I have shared many a things over the Fribble.  First dates, birthdays, graduations,  mono! All equally memorable.

Dear dear Friendly's, you make me feel so good.  So good in fact I didn't even realize when I left your glorious establishment, that the button on my jeans had burst open, and there was a smudge of chocolate across my cheek. It's like wearing a badge of honor from your restaurant, and I consider it a privilege that you have invited me in!

So in closing, I'd like to say a quick "I'm sorry," to my ass.  You're just not worth it!


  1. I would cut off my pinky for a large Resse's Pieces Sunday with extra peanut butter....great post babe.....

  2. Not that i dont live for our early morning get togethers at a random diner where we gossip over coffee, lox and bagels but nothing beats our figure friendly catch up sessions at Friendly's!! I'm a Heath Bar Crunch sundae kinda girl....I'm starving!!!

  3. Funny that you write this because the other day I went to Friendlys, and I must agree it is a life changing experience. I went with Tiffani and Danny after the Boardy Barn of course, and let me tell you there is no where in the world I would rather be than at Friendlys after a hard working day of drinking at the Barn. In fact, we all sat at the table in complete silence, and when I attempted to talk they made these "I dont give a shit" faces. I knew exactly what they were thinking, they wanted me to shut the F up so they could eat their delicious cheese balls and crispy chicken salads in peace. I wanted to shut the F up, I really did, but to be honest I was embarrassed for the three of us. We were like three animals who have been starved for days. The fact that this food was taking over our bodies to the point were we were all unable to even speak to one another is just insane! For christ sake its just food! Therefore, I have to agree Friendlys is one of the most amazing establishments out there. I highly recommend it when you have the drunk munchies.

  4. I'm a heath bar crunch sundae no carmel extra whip kinda girl!!!!

  5. I tried to make my very own Friendly's Sundae with lactose free vanilla ice cream, but it wasn't as satisfying.