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The Comedians Wife
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Monday, July 19, 2010

Kids, and screwing it all up!

As parents we are constantly bombarded with the fear that we will screw up our kids.  It starts from the moment they are conceived.  "How a pregnant woman should sleep"... not to mess up your baby.  "What a pregnant woman should eat"... not to mess up your baby.  There is a never ending list on what you should and shouldn't do when it comes to raising your children and I've pretty much had it.  So what if my kid eats dirt from time to time, is it really gonna kill him?  I watched a grown up man drink a blue colored alcoholic slushy drink, in a cup shaped like the Eiffel tower, that was taller than my son, and undoubtedly going to cause  him alcohol poisoning, and people just cheered him on.
My son had a piece of non organic fruit, non picked by the hands of real farmers on a fairy fruit farm today, and I watched the head of one mom actually spin around in horror and three others run away!   I'm sick of the rules! Yes my son watches TV, and ya know what THANK GOD! If it wasn't for that TV I would have quit this job a long time ago.  How can one little furry red animal that teaches children about numbers and letters be bad?
When as "new parents" does that crazy switch flip?  I know a few mommy's who up until the moment they found out they were pregnant, were smoking cigarettes walking around barefoot on Sunset Blvd, showing people there ass. Now, god for bid there kid sticks a non covered toe in the sandbox, or dare try to show someone a body part, the anti bacterial spray is out and being blow torched onto the child!  This new generation of never get dirty, never get messy is driving me crazy. Who says boys cant wear long hair and play with dolls.  What's wrong with wearing a costume all day even to the grocery store! I say let our kids be kids! Let em get dirty and eat bologna sandwiches with sand in the middle at the beach. Let em eat non organic whatever if the mood strikes. Let em play just a little longer than usual. Even though it breaks the rules.
Childhood is so short, yet so HUGE!  The fact is I will most likely screw up my kid somehow, but god damn it we will have fun during the process.

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  1. Amen Sista! Come play at my house we are all about the dirt, tv and the "other" food group. Let a kid be a kid, because before long he is all grown up and then "life" just messes him up!