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The Comedians Wife
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Thunder From Down Under

When it comes to bachelorette parties... Let's face it, there's the stereo typical drunk bride, with her flashing "warning" lights, covering what very little dress she is wearing, clad in a hot pink boa, huge laminated button that says "last night of freedom".  And if that's not enough, it's all accompanied by a lovely veil with dicks coming out of the top.  When you utter the words, " There is a bachelorette party coming in tonight." Generally the response is uhhhhhhh!

However the bachelor party,well that's something entirely different. The bachelor party is a long standing tradition.   A rite of passage as much as a right to party. Where men are marking the transition from a single independent lifestyle, into the the commitments of married life.

Right, Right.  I wonder what kind of symbolic meaning, strippers and cigars hold in this beautiful rite of passage?

Lets just say what it really is. One last night to see one more pair of tits and ass, or in the ladies case, one last laugh at a pair of balls, before you enter into a contract that says, you are not aloud to sleep with anyone else, for the rest of your life.   Us girls just got around to it a little later, with a few more accessories.

It wasn't until the sexual revolution of the 60's, that women decided they wanted a piece as well. They traded in the stuffy night before sleep over,  for naked men, booze, and a lot of laughs!  It was their turn   to have the rite of passage night, the men had been celebrating for so many years before.  So thank you my fine feminist friends. Not only did you burn your bra's, and give us The Pill.  But you gave us the right to objectify men.  (All hail the male stripper)

In the past year I have received the honor, of becoming a Maid of Honor, and I am taking my job very seriously.  This past weekend, we celebrated the one last night of freedom,  Vegas Style.  We attended one of Vegas's finest contributions to it's female tourists,  "THE THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER!"

Ladies, if you haven't had the great pleasure of attending this fine theatrical masterpiece, I highly recommend you do!   All that sexual evolving, and demanding of  equal rights, and we get one  night with greased up juice heads, pumping their packages to Salt N Peppa's "Push It".  What else could be better.

Straight from the beaches of Western Australia, come some of the most beefy, glistening guys you have ever seen.  They are part fire man, boy band, and leather clad rock star, gyrating on stage while women off all ages squeal with delight!

I can honestly say it is one of the funniest  things I have ever seen in my life.  Not only do they have perfectly pretty packages to shake around on stage, but there pirouettes are on point, as well as the latest dance moves from the clubs!

We all enjoyed ourselves immensely with only a few minor altercations.  One, when a man that looked like Fabio, whipped his hair around and we were all soaked with an obscene amount of baby oil, and two, when one very large Asian lady came over to me and tried to throw me out for taking pictures.

In her defense, they tell you a million times you are not aloud flash photography, and video taping is prohibited!

In my defense I didn't use a flash, and the nearly naked Australian MC told us at the beginning of the show, "Tonight ladies, there are NO RULES."  He was very convincing and I believed him! Besides how could I not share with the world a little slice of this show! It would  be unfair and untrue to all the feminists before me. It is my duty to put it out there.  Come and find me Asian lady!

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  1. As always, a fantastic blog about an amazing night! Thanks for everything! LOVED this weekend! :)